About Us

about_collageSince 2012, Umingmak Productions Inc. is dedicated to document the Arctic natural environment and its people. We apply a strict code of ethic to limit disturbance to the environment and the subjects photographed or filmed.

From pre-production to principal photography and post-production, we provide wildlife and arctic expertise, scouting, story development, logistic advises, field assistance, photography and filming services for your projects.

We work in all seasons in the communities, on the land or the ocean/sea-ice.

mathieu-dumondMathieu Dumond, owner of Umingmak Productions Inc., is a wildlife biologist with over 20 years of experience in the field and a number of peer-reviewed scientific publications on various arctic wildlife species. Since 2001, Mathieu lives with his family in the Canadian Arctic in a remote camp powered by solar panels and a wind generator. LinkedIn


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